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Aircraft Management

We Manage Flight Operations So You Can Concentrate On Your Business

Aircraft ownership can be an invaluable tool that increases both business productivity and the quality of leisure time. However, it is also a relentlessly time consuming and complex responsibility. As a trusted member of your team we free you from the demands of those responsibilities and provide you with the highest quality and most cost effective operation possible. 

At AirResource Group our team of professionals has been managing corporate flight operations for over 25 years. We know what works, and we know how to make it work for you. Rest assured your aircraft management program will be foremost about your safety and the elite level of service we will consistently drive to your company.


Enjoy the benefits of our turnkey aircraft management solutions and experience unsurpassed customer care.
Time for a change

  • Data Driven Acquisition Support Services
  • Simplify Ownership Experience - Enjoy the benefits of aircraft ownership without the time consuming management responsibilities of day to day operations
  • Maximum business transparency with multiple levels of oversite
  • Cost Saving Options - Significantly improve your level of service while reducing your cost of flight operation by negotiating discounts on essential services such as fuel, maintenance, insurance and crew services
  • Maintenance Oversight - Negotiate, schedule, supervise and review all maintenance
  • Full Service flight Department - The best of both worlds...flight ready transportation with zero hassles of operational complexities of running your own flight department.
  • Crew - Selection and training of flight crews to the highest industry standards
  • Revenue Options - A full range of revenue producing options to offset ownership costs
  • Customized Aircraft Usage and Accounting Reports - Your accountant and bookkeeping department will appreciate our customized monthly reports
  • SECURELOG® - our specialized Log Book and record management program for safe keeping, convenience and helping enhance the value of the aircraft.  See our Maintenance section for more information.
  • Compliance - monitor and ensure compliance with all regulatory, accounting and tax regulations
  • Additional Aircraft Lift - provide for short term supplemental lift capability


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