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Insurance Risk Management

AirResource Group is strategically aligned with Stephens Insurance to offer custom aviation insurance programs that help our clients protect their assets and control costs. The experts are unanimous that the safest flight operations get the best rates regardless of the market dynamics.  From an operations point of view there are several things to consider.


Risk Management

  • Asset protection - by identifying risks or exposure gaps and then selecting the strategy to manage these risks including: risk avoidance, risk retention, and risk transfer via insurance and non-insurance opportunities.
  • Cost control - by identifying opportunities for savings and implement the strategy to realize the savings including: loss control program, claims management tools, use of deductibles and retentions, insurance company selection, and industry forecasts and analysis via annual stewardship reviews.     


  • As your aviation insurance broker we will provide you with a comparative analysis of quotes and carefully examine policy differences.  We have a unique perspective from an experienced operator's point of view.


  • Differentiate and Communicate Safety - It is critical to do everything you can to maintain the safety of your operations and to certify and document your safety record
  • Document your commitment to safety for training and maintenance standards


  • Be realistic about your needs to better manage costs.  We represent all of the major aviation insurance markets so we can offer you the broadest package of protection at the best available rates 

It is because of our partnership with our client and our risk management process that we are able to identify significant exposure gaps and savings opportunities and structure an aviation insurance protection plan custom-tailored to meet our client's needs.

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